Our Factory

Currently, there are many OEM manufacturers of food supplements in the markets, not only in Thailand and Asia but also around the world. Many consumers worldwide give more importance to food supplements even though few people think food supplements are not important or beneficial as claimed on the packages. However, if you have no time to intake daily food or take less than 5 categories of food daily, food supplements are always the right answers! It is a fast, easy and convenient way to take food supplements.

But how to choose the right food supplements? There are various food supplements available on the markets today with different brands, origins and manufacturers, ingredients and manufacturing processes. However, choosing the most trusted and reliable manufacturer is remarkably significant. Customers much rely on the recognized and certified manufacturer. Kovic Kate International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand’s leading OEM manufacturers which offers the best One-Stop Service to its customers for around 20 years.

  • One-Stop Service for the production of food supplements.
  • Product research and development supported by experienced R&D team including scientists, chemists and pharmacists.
  • FDA registration for food supplements, cosmetics and Thai traditional medicine.
  • A variety of packages to suit every type of products in the forms of capsules, sachets, boxes, shrink films, etc.
  • Completely safe and strictly checked packages before reaching the consumers.
  • Marketing consulting services including logo and package design, online marketing, product promotion, event and other promotional activities.

With our fervent commitments to become Thailand’s leader in the OEM business of food supplements, cosmetics, skincare products, Thai traditional medicine and herbal extracts, Kovic Kate has never creased to develop and achieve the global standards. Kovic Kate has been certified by GMP certificate from Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration and HALAL certificate from The Central Islamic Council of Thailand. Moreover, the company has been approved by ISO 9001:2015 certificate, ensuring that all of our products are of safe and high quality. Therefore, customers from around the world can reply on us.